Why Harry Potter is the Best

The entire World has been celebrating 20 years of the Harry Potter series this year. Let's see what makes these series so special and irreplaceable!

The Harry Potter series authored by J.K. Rowling has been a favorite of thousands of pre-teens, teens and young adults. There is something so captivating all the Harry Potter books that you just can’t stop reading them. The entire world has been celebrating 20 years of the Harry Potter series, the first book of which was released 1997. 

Here’s why Harry Potter the best series ever! 

  1. 1 It made thousands of people read

    The Harry Potter books have spread to every corner of the World and they are favorites of millions. They have encouraged reading by developing an interest in reading in kids and young adults both. The simple style of writing and the extremely beautiful themes in the books have made these books irresistible. 

  2. 2 It's all about the values

    Harry Potter books are all about the values. They have taught all of us the importance of loyalty, friendship, trust and so much more. They are in a way a complete guide to life! 

  3. 3 The "Potterhead" community is huge

    Believe it or not, there is an extremely large group of people who love Harry Potter and are part of the large Potterhead community! These are people inspired by Harry Potter who support each other and the series. We all have at least ones taken "Which house are you in" quiz to find out which house you are in. You know you are a Potterhead when you find yourself inspired by magic and wishing to go to Hogwarts! Once a Potterhead, always a Potterhead! 

  4. 4 It's all about Women Empowerment

    Harry Potter showcases several incredibly strong women that are sure to inspire young girls to follow their dreams and passions. Be it, Hermione Granger or McGonagall, they are all extremely brave and inspiring. Very few books have such strong and bold women characters. 

  5. 5 It's All About Magic

    Harry Potter books have at least ones made us wish that we had magical powers. We have all dreamt of the arrival of an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. All the magical creatures, the wizards, and Hogwarts make us wish that our world too existed like that. 

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