6 Covid-19 #Trends That Drove The World Crazy

Humans do know how to see the light side of things. To keep themselves sane during these bewildering times, people started some crazy trends on popular social media

While the deadly Corona Virus was attacking the entire world (who dared to step out), many sensible people decided to stay indoors and make the best of this prolonged and unpredicted holiday. To keep things as positive as possible, the world found amusing means to entertain themselves. Thankfully, while everything was locked down, the internet wasn’t. For many, it was the sole means of entertainment and for some others, it helped them stay connected.

Humans do know how to see the light side of things. To keep themselves sane during these bewildering times, people started some crazy trends on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Let’s have a look at the most trending trends that went viral…

  1. 1 #Dalgona Coffee

    The now-famous Jung II-woo is the culprit behind starting this trend. This popular South Korean actor had visited Macau recently, where he was served this drink. He later presented the same drink on a South Korean TV show called ‘Fun-Staurant’. 

    This is a whipped coffee made by whipping sugar, water, and coffee together to get a creamy textured foam. The hue is just like butterscotch. This delicious concoction is then added over milk. 

    Since the drink was easy to make with little ingredients, the master chef in every person whiling away time at home, woke up!. Soon, everyone was trying their own version of Dalgona coffee and posting their videos and photos on social media. 

    All through April, Instagramers and Facebookers woke up to new notifications of their friends’ posts on Dalgona Coffee.

  2. 2 #Dalgona Whiskey

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    Inspired by the delicious Dalgona Coffee, the Dalgona Whiskey trend soon took over. This new trend got everyone gushing over as it had alcohol involved! Since alcohol became a rare luxury during Covid-19, those who had prior stock at home, wanted to show-off and make everyone jealous. 

    To prepare Dalgona Whiskey, you need to first pour water and soda and let your whiskey float on the top. Just like the Dalgona coffee foam floats on top of chilled milk, the Dalgona whiskey floats too, giving a lovely golden hue at the top. 

    This trend went viral on Instagram and Facebook and soon, everyone was trying their own versions with different mixes.

  3. 3 #Oh Na Na Dance Challenge

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    The lockdown holidays were not only about food and drink. There was this crazy foot shake dance challenge that also got trending on Tik Tok. With the lyrics of the famous song, ‘Oh Na Na Na’, this cute couple dance is all about two people dancing together syncing their leg movements.

    This dance mainly involves the upper body. It was originated by We Are Toonz and has become the latest Hip Hop dance craze. This dance first gained momentum when dance royalty Maja Salvador started posting videos of her and a little girl doing this dance. It became viral as netizens started mimicking the steps and posting their videos under #Oh Na Na Na Challenge.

  4. 4 #Gesture Challenge

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    This is a fun little game where you are supposed to use your own hands to copy a set of hand emojis shown on the screen. As soon as you do this, the song ‘Lalala (ilkan Gunuc Mix) by Y2K will play. The filter soon randomizes another set of nine gestures for you to imitate. 

    It is a cute challenge and soon, many Instagramers and Tik Tok users posted their videos showing how they succeeded in this one.

  5. 5 #Saree Challenge

    The zest and excitement to see how many people liked your photos and commented on social media platforms are beyond compare. It is this excitement that keeps netizens so hooked and booked by social media. 

    Another simple #Saree Challenge created quite a rave on Indian social media accounts. Most women started posting their photos of being dolled up and dressed beautifully in sarees. They sometimes got saree clad during lockdown times to post a fresh pic, while women posted their old pics. It was fun to see your friends, family, and acquaintances on social media in their saree-clad forms. 

  6. 6 #Toilet Paper Roll Challenge

    People made headlines when they started buying toilet paper rolls by the dozens as soon as the lockdown was announced. But how the connection was made between buying toilet paper and toilet paper roll juggling challenge is still unsure.

    Lionel Messi too commented on this one and posted his video of doing the #Toilet Paper Roll Challenge. In this viral trend, you have got to juggle a toilet roll as you would a football and reach 10 touches before it hits the ground. You then tag other friends to do the same or accept the challenge.

    These were six of the most amusing and funny #Covid-19 trends that drove the world berserk in the month of April. There were some others that were less popular, such as the #Guess the Gibberish Challenge, #Socks into Cans, # Soap Treadmills, #Pillow Challenge, #Fitness Challenge, #T-Shirt Challenge, and many such others.

    Now since everyone had plenty of free time, they had to come up with some sort of entertainment to keep their minds occupied. After all, how much can a person watch the news or binge on Netflix or curate new recipes!!

    The Online Ludo app revealed the maximum download numbers in India in the month of April. The old school game got an online makeover. It had a cute arrangement of allowing 4 friends from different locations to play online. Similarly, online Tambola and online Antakshari was trending in Whatsapp groups of friends and family across India. 

    People surely made these days fun. There will be a time in the near future that people will get nostalgic and post pictures of how they spent their #Lockdown Days…

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