Some Wonderful Videos Captured Of Animals And Birds During Lockdown

While humans were caged in their own homes, wild animals let their guard down! In many cities, rare animals and birds were seen enjoying a human-free world.

You might have come across this phrase, ‘The Earth is Healing’ plenty of times as you scrolled down your news feed on Facebook or Instagram. The lockdown brought a lot of changes in the world at large. While humans were locked inside their own houses, some rare occurrences drew everyone’s attention. With no traffic on the roads and pollution levels coming down to their lowest in decades, nature resurfaced to all its glory! 

The scenario last month reminded me of the African safari trip I had taken a few years ago. The humans are taken in a caged vehicle to meet wild animals freely roaming about in their natural habitat.

The image above depicts in a subtle way what happened in many cities during the lockdown. While humans were caged in their own homes, wild animals let their guard down! In many cities, rare animals and birds were seen enjoying a human-free world. After all, they too have an equal right on this planet! Here are some amusing videos of birds and animals captured in strange places during the lockdown.

Watch How These Animals Are Now Coming Out After Years Of Lockdown!!

  1. 1 Deer Frolicking On The Zebra Crossing

    The above video from Chandigarh showed a sambar deer taking a zebra crossing on a wide, empty road that divides Sector 9 and Sector 10 in the city. This deer gathered the courage to peek into the city as they could hear no sound of traffic.

  2. 2 Deer Herds On The Road

    There were spotted deer herds on the road near Rajaji National park in Noida. Wildlife is now claiming its space and we should remember that we share the planet with them. Encouraged by the peace and quiet of the roads, the wildlife was seen exploring some other parts of their planet.

  3. 3 Endangered Olive Ridleys Near Odisha

    The mass nesting of endangered Olive Ridleys at the Rushikulya River mouth in Odisha. They also found an extremely rare albino turtle. Scientists claim this rare occurrence due to the deserted look of the beaches and calm all around.

  4. 4 Small Indian Civet Marching On The Road In Kerala

    A Small Indian Civet, otherwise a nocturnal animal is freely walking during daytime at Meppayur Town, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. They are natural to this place. Just that less traffic makes them walk freely now. This one is following zebra crossing also.

  5. 5 Raccoon Walking Up The Ramp

    A raccoon was spotted walking in a deserted Central Park in New York on 16th April. They are usually shy from humans and tend to go deeper into the woods to avoid contact.

  6. 6 A Sealion Spotted Resting On Land

    A sea lion was spotted on the sidewalk of Mar del Plata harbor, south of Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 16th of April. Sealions do not normally leave the seas. The calm and peace of the cities encouraged them to wander about.

  7. 7 Silly Shenanigans Of The Grey Langurs

    Grey langurs were spotted running along a deserted road in Ahmedabad, India on 19th April.

  8. 8 Let’em pass! Goats in Glory!!

    These goats normally live on the rocky Great Orme headland in Wales. This herd had been drawn to the town by the lack of people and tourists. Their curiosity pulled them over to crack the mystery!!

  9. 9 Flamingoes Paint Navi Mumbai Pink!

    Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra, India had a large number of migratory Flamingo birds flocked at the creek on the 1st of May. The fascinating scenery was captured amidst coronavirus lockdown, when these pretty pink-hued creatures turned the city pink

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