Learning new tricks and staying witty go hand in hand, but time is generally a bit of an obstacle. There are a whole lot of helpful tips and tricks that you can actually learn in less than 10 minutes. Here are some wonderful practical things you can learn in less than 10 minutes.

  1. 1 Throw a few ice cubes in the dryer with your clothes to get rid of wrinkles

    Add some ice cubes in the dryer with your clothes to throw out wrinkles. It is the most useful trick you can follow to maintain your clothes.

  2. 2 If you’re choking, and no one is around

    Get on all fours and allow yourself fall onto your chest and belly, while moving your arms up. This technique can assist push the air inside out and eliminate the object that is jamming the airway.

  3. 3 If you need to avoid sneezing

    Compress your finger hard against the base of your nose and your upper lip. By doing so you stimulate the special nerves that stop the sign your brain sends out to make you sneeze.

  4. 4 If you need to avoid the hiccups

    Inhale through your mouth. Swallow twice in a row. Exhale gradually through your nose. If you did it properly, you may have a thorny feeling, as if you are about to hiccup, but it will be gone totally.

  5. 5 If you keep forgetting whether you locked the door

    Try to say something out loud while closing the door or do any other task that has become habitual. You’ll be able to remind yourself saying it and you’ll make out you did the task. Saying or doing something hilarious will boost the chances of recalling any regular task.

  6. 6 If you need to get rid of a stuffy nose

    Lie down on the side that is opposite the blocked nostril and raise your head with 2–3 pillows. This process can assist you within several seconds.

    So try and share these useful hacks with your family and friends. And if you know any other tips, let us know on the comment below.

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Harleen Kaur



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