7 Best Study Hacks That Boost Your Concentration And Memory For Exams

Here are some easy study hacks that can help you boost your concentration, attention, and memory and will help you perform better in your exams.

We all want to perform well in our examinations, whether we are in school, colleges or even at professional levels. Our years of academic efforts pass-through this rigorous testing called as examination and all of us would like to give it our best effort. Here are some easy study hacks that can help you boost your concentration, attention, and memory and will help you perform better in your exams.

  1. 1 Do Some Exercise/Take a Walk

    Walking before an examination will help you relax and concentrate better. A 20 minute fast/brisk walk or moderate exercise before an examination will improve performance and memory.

  2. 2 Learn While Speaking Out Loudly

    While most of us like to simply read quietly without uttering a word, a boost in memory comes the other way. You can remember more when you learn while speaking out loudly.

  3. 3 Treat Yourself

    You can also integrate a few rewards in your learning efforts and session. This will improve your motivation and will help you remember more.

  4. 4 Get Adequate Sleep

    Adequate sleep will help you to be more relaxed and your brain will also be able to work better in times of situations of stress, as in an examination.

  5. 5 Teach What You Learn

    Teaching what has been learnt maybe one of the best ways to remember. For instance, if you are not able to remember a mathematical theorem (like the Pythagoras theorem), you can teach to your sibling, friend or even your parents just to sake of remembering it better and ensuring that you have understood the concepts correctly. Teaching may help you remember a concept for lifetime.

  6. 6 Creating Mental Maps and Associations

    One of the most famous business leaders and CEOs of all times, Steve Jobs, once said that creativity is an ability to connect things. Try observing and connecting academic concepts and theories and how they impact our lives. This will help you understand the nature of things and their importance. The important concepts will be remembered easily by your brain.

  7. 7 Draw Sketches, Charts and Diagrams

    When you cannot easily understand or remember what you have learnt, you can draw a diagram, charts, figures and sketches of it. Not only will a visual description help you understand the concept better, but it will provide for a better memory as well.

    You may also want to make use of all the resources for understanding something better, which will provide for its easy remembrance. You can make use of your Smartphone and Google and/or search print media and other sources to understand anything completely, and remember it longer. So now it is time to share these useful hacks to your friends.

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