When the Truth About Engineering is Brutally Honest

AIB is one of the most popular youtube channels in India, posted a series of videos- Honest Engineering Placements, here's why they are brutally honest!

All India Bakchod aka AIB posted a series of videos on youtube called Honest Engineering Placements. There are three videos in this series and all of them have gone viral. 

The three videos are brutally honest about the life of engineering students and the stress that they go through during campus placements. AIB, that was once criticized for their Roast with Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh is back with their hilarious sketches and videos. 

The three videos mainly feature Kumar Varun, Naveen Polishetty, Rahul Subramanian as the three engineering students that are waiting for their campus placements. 

All the three videos are extremely sarcastic and sassy and that is what makes all videos by AIB so entertaining. The true sarcastic spirits that all Indians share are brought out by their videos. 

The Honest Engineering Placement videos have three parts. 

The very first part begins with the start of placements in the college and how the overachiever friend secures an extremely good placement in google and still annoyingly refuses to accept his achievement. 

The second video, however, goes on to talk about mass recruitments from engineering colleges and about how its students are treated as goods instead of people. Though it seems a bit overexaggerated this is in a way what happens a vast majority of colleges. 

The final video is a brutal attack on the English language. This video through humor captures how overrated English is in India! Finally, in this video, a fed up student speaks about the dreams that he had to leave back to be sitting in that engineering college. 

The videos by AIB are funny, yet in a way, they point of to places where the Indian society needs severe changes. It is videos like this that bring light to the life of students who forego their dreams and join engineering colleges to ultimately be treated like valueless products. 

AIB has again proved why it is one of the best youtube channels in India. Sometimes it's good to reflect our society and laugh at ourselves while hoping that things will be better in the future. 

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