Rich Kids That Flaunt Their Money On Instagram

They are rich and they know how to flaunt their money. Here are some of the richest kids that you will find on Instagram.

They are rich and they know how to flaunt their money. They are stars of reality TV, the fashion world and everything else that screams rich. These kids do not miss an opportunity to show-off their cash and make the less fortunate once jealous. They make sure to get the best out of everything and they are ready to show it to the World! Here are some of the richest kids on Instagram! 

  1. 1 Iman Lopez

    Off to my next destination ✈️✈️ #Antalya

    A post shared by Iman Lopez 👸🏻 (@iman.lopez) on

    Iman Lopez's Instagram Account

    Iman Lopez, a socialite and a fashion designer born in Spain, is a prominent presence on Instagram. This proud owner of the fashion line 3Prive Couture never ceases to stun her followers with her costly designs and her designer shoes and bags! 

  2. 2 Emir Bahadir

    Ciao Bello 🍦#gelato #limone #Ravello #Bahadiring 🇮🇹

    A post shared by EMIR BAHADIR (@emirbahadir) on

    Emir Bahadir's Instagram Account

    This businessman from Turkey definitely knows how to enjoy his vacations and he makes sure that he captures every second of it for his Instagram followers. He owns several of the costliest watches, brands of liquor, cars, shoes and so much more. Emir Bahadir makes sure to match his car to his watch and his watch to his shoes and never fails to do so.

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