6 Reasons We All Love Dwayne Johnson – THE ROCK

We all love Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. Well, it's hard not to, here's why.

An actor, a producer, a professional wrestler, how can anyone be so talented and be super humble at the same time? It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love The Rock, and if he runs for president, we all are definitely voting! Here’s what makes Dwayne Johnson the phenomenal human being that he is! 

  1. 1 The Bright And Friendly Smile

    Dwayne is always smiling his charming, endearing smile. It's hard to not see all the kindness that does behind that smile. This is why you have a permanent place in our hearts, Dwayne!

  2. 2 That Body Though...

    The Rock is known to have THE BEST body ever. He is a wrestler and a body builder. It's difficult to find someone who is in such good shape. Dwayne is definitely an inspiration to many body builders out there! 

  3. 3 His Bond with Daughters is adorable!!!

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    He is a celebrity, a very busy man. But he finds all the time that his princesses need and the bond that they share is super cute! Our hearts melts time and again when he posts pictures with his daughters! 

  4. 4 He is Super Nice To All of His Fans!

    Dwayne is extremely friendly and supportive when it comes to his fans. He is always there to help them out and promote their talents! The Rock, unlike other celebrities, takes out time to interact with all of his fans and respond to their comments personally. 

  5. 5 He is Multi-Talented

    He acts, he sings, he wrestles, there's no one who is as multi-talented as The Rock! He is one of the best wrestlers of all time, his acting is fabulous and his singing is amazing. 

  6. 6 He Is A Kind and Compassionate Human Being

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    He is good with everyone, be it his fans, his family, his coworker and even animals. Dwayne is the kindest person ever. It's hard to find someone so joyful and positive about life!

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