India’s Most Popular Toppers That Gain Lot Of Media Attention

India is a country that is crazy about marks and performance in exams, thus toppers are a common site here. Here are some of India's most popular Toppers!

  1. India is a country that is crazy about marks and performance in exams, thus toppers are a common site here. Becoming a topper in India will gain you loads and loads of attention from the media. However, the toppers of India come in two types- 1. Those who worked hard and reached the top through their genuinely extraordinary performance.
  2. Those who used their monetary powers to get to the top of various national and state level exams.

Both the kinds of toppers in India gain a lot of media attention. Today we are going to talk about some of the most popular national and state level toppers that India has seen after various examinations. Some of them are on our list due to the effort and hard work they put into becoming a topper, while the others are in it due to the lack of any such effort!

  1. 1 Sarthak Agarwal

    It is hard to forget Sarthak Agarwal after all the media attention he got once the CBSE results 2014 had been announced. Sarthak Agarwal had topped with a whopping score of 99.6% in the school leaving examinations. A similar kind of result was repeated only this year by Raksha Gopal.

    His great success paved a way to hundreds of social media memes and trolls about him, making him all the more popular. In fact, Sarthak Agarwal memes were trending on social media for months after this great success. 

    Sarthak's success is mainly to his hard work and dedication to studies and we appreciate him for that! 

  2. 2 Sarvesh Mehtani

    Sarvesh Mehtani is the 2017 topper of JEE Advanced aka India's toughest exam! He was in the spotlight once the results were out and now he is in the spotlight again when two leading coaching institutes in Chandigarh began fighting over his big success. 

    Sarvesh Mehtani a student of Lakshya Institution was featured in an advertisement published by Sri Chaitanya Education Institute and that has sparked off a great legal battle between the two institutes.

    The Entrance Coaching scene in India is a business that deals with a whole lot of money and messing with it is not a very good idea! 

  3. 3 Tina Dabi

    Tina Dabi is the Civil Service exam, i.e. the UPSC exam topper from 2015. Her position as the topper is due to her hard work and determination, yet, there was a lot of controversies regarding her position as the topper due to the reservation policies. 

    She was again in the spotlight the next year when she announced her decision to marry UPSC rank 2 holder Athar Aamir Khan! 

  4. 4 Ruby Rai

    Rubi Rai the famous topper from Bihar in the Political Science stream is known for the crooked methods used by her to reach the top of the Rank List. 

    Rubi Rai could not even describe the areas of study that her subject dealt with and when questioned about it, she replied by saying "I asked my Papa to make me pass but they went ahead and made me the topper."

  5. 5 Ganesh Kumar

    Bihar Board Topper Ganesh Kumar, was in the spotlight when he couldn't answer questions related to his subject when asked by the media. 

    Ganesh later admitted the fact that he was guilty of using unfair means to top the exams. 

    Stories like that of Ruby's and Ganesh's point out to the drawbacks of the Indian Education system and the reforms necessary to correct it. 

    While, toppers like Sarthak, Sarvesh and Tina are the kind of students that idea needs- hardworking & determined. 

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