When Racism & Sexism are Taught a Lesson

Superwoman aka Lilly Singh teaching a lesson to all of those racists and sexists out there.

It’s not often that Lilly Singh responds to all of the hate comments that she gets. But when she does, she destroys them. 

IISuperwomanII is a channel on youtube that has more than 11 Million subscribers and is one of the most popular channels out there. The channel is run by Lilly Singh, a Canadian of Indian Origin and it would be right to say that she has taken over the world in the last few years. With the release of her new book and her successful world tours, she has become more popular than ever. 

Lilly Singh is known and loved for being the peace ambassador that she is and she can almost never be found spewing hate through her channel. No matter how good a person is, if they are on the internet, hate comments are sure to come. Lilly too gets a good share of hate comments some of which are racist while others sexist. She doesn’t usually reply to hate comments but when she does she does it through her extremely sarcastic videos and makes sure that the person who the video was addressed to does not dare to comment hate on anyone’s video ever again. 

Here are the two videos that prove to the world how sassy Lilly is. 

When a comment was posted on one of her videos and told her to get back into the kitchen, she decided to reply with this video. 

The comment made was "women aren't funny. shouldn't you be in the kitchen making a sandwich"

Teaching the sexist how to make his/her own sandwich was what Lilly did and she totally destroys them! Don't think anyone will ever dare to comment anything sexist on her videos again! 

When she was called a "terrorist paki Afghan Indian Muslim" she decided to give the person a good geography lesson. Her sass and sarcasm make a good unforgettable geography lesson that this racist would never ever forget! 

We need more people like Superwoman who can respond to racism and sexism with such style. Only this can now save our world from all the hate that is thrown around! 

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