You know you are in India when…

India a country of great varieties diversity and so much more. Here's what makes this country so special

India is the second most populated country in the world. The large number of people, all extremely unique, is what makes this land so rich in its culture! There are things that very interesting and at the same time quite strange in India. This is a land of vastness and uniqueness, here’s why.

  1. 1 You find a temple, a mosque, a church and a gurudwara in the same locality

    Several religions live in India in harmony and peace. This is the true beauty of the Indian society. We are all one! India is a country where you will find secularism at it's best! 

  2. 2 People from various communities come together and live as a family

    The actual divide between the rich and the poor, the caste, the skin colors, etc, is actually quite small in modern India. Indians are the most accepting and welcoming people and this enables them to live as an enormous family. 

  3. 3 You find some amazing food

    Indian food is incomparable. The combination of the right spices, the right sweetness, and the right tang is what makes it the best. Be it the street food or the food served to you at the best restaurant, Indian food is sure to make your tastebuds explode. The variety that we have here will drive you crazy! 

  4. 4 Bollywood stars are worshipped as god

    Bollywood is without doubt one of the largest film industries. Its status as the largest is due to the love that people have for films and its stars. No star from any other industries receives the same amount of love as Indian movie stars do!

  5. 5 There's spirituality everywhere

    On the streets of India, you are bound to mean ascetics, mystics, palm readers, astrologers and much more. In this country, from the moment you step your foot here, you will be surrounded by spirituality at its fullest. 

  6. 6 You find yourself amidst superstitions

    Yes, Indians are superstitious. Everything that happens here is believed to be an omen, a sign of good fortune or that of an impending disaster. Here, lemons hung by your door will ward off evil and if you sneeze when going out, you have to go back in, drink water wait for a minute and go back again. 

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