Are you an Over Dramatic Persons?

Nigahiga's video about OverDramatic people is number one in trending on youtube! Check it out here!

Overly dramatic people are sometimes the most annoying people ever! Any situation that seems normal to us is seen as an opportunity to be dramatic by such people. ¬†We all have pet peeves, and overdramatic people are Ryan’s.

Nigahiga is the Youtube channel run by Ryan Higa, he has posted several viral videos and is quite a reputed Youtuber. The videos that he posts cover a wide variety of topics and comedy is what he specializes in.

The video “Over Dramatic People!” is Ryan’s hilarious take on those who are paranoid about every single thing. He talks about people who get anxious when someone doesn’t reply to their texts and so many other incidents that are annoying to all of us.

Do check out this video here!

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