The Weirdest Fashion Trends that the World has seen

Fashion is weird and confusing. No one knows where all of these trends come from. Here are some of the weirdest fashion trends ever!

Yes, fashion is weird and it is definitely confusing. It’s extremely hard to follow all of these fashion trends. There have been some extremely weird trends in the fashion world and here are some of them! 

  1. 1 Bathrobes as daily wear

    What? Bathrobes? Yes. The previous year has made bathrobes the new trend and this trend has been dominating in several fashion shows across the globe. Who thought that something like a bathrobe would take up the center stage in fashion?

  2. 2 Crocs

    Remember those ugly looking rubber like shoes? Yes, crocs are back and they are making everyone go crazy about them. No one knows why but everyone seems to be into it. 

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