Craziest Viral Videos of All Times

There have been hundreds of viral videos out there that have caught our attentions, made us laugh and some have made us question where mankind is going. Here are some of the craziest viral videos that we have seen in the last 10 years. Some of them are catchy while others looking back now, are sure to make us wonder why they were so popular.

Dramatic Chipmunk

The dramatic chipmunk video is only 5 seconds long. Yet, there is something about a chipmunk turning its head as the camera zooms in that caught everyone’s attention. This video gained over 40 million views and became the reason for the creation hundreds of memes. Even though the Dramatic Chipmunk video was released in 2007, it makes people laugh even today.

Nyan Cat

A cat flying across space to a Japanese song that says “nyanyanyanya…” is surely one of the craziest viral videos. No one knows what people saw in this video released in 2011, but we have all watched this one at least once. Videos like these make us question if mankind is actually going in the right direction or not. This video was the origin of memes, merchandise and what not! Who knew that a simple merging of an animation and a song would become so popular!


Keyboard Cat

Yet another video from 2007, this one was actually shot in 1984 and later posted in 2007. The video titled Keyboard Cat shows a cat dressed in blue playing the keyboard, manipulated by its owner Charlie Schmidt. The video was actually popularized by Brad O’Farrel who used the clip to end one of his videos. The Keyboard Cat was featured in several memes and even in a lot of video games.

Gangnam Style

The Viral video by PSY was a hit all over the world. The video released in 2012 was so catchy that people all over the world started singing and dancing to it. Though most of the world’s population has no idea of the lyrics as it was Korean, it had all of us going “Oppa Gangnam Style” for a remarkably long time.

This music video was so popular that it got nominated for several awards. Ah, the memories!


Harlem Shake

This is not really a single video but is a popular global meme and one of the craziest viral videos. In 2012 when this meme became popular, we were all doing it. In 2012 to be cool, you had to be part of a Harlem Shake video at least once. So what was this video about? This one starts with a single person dancing to the first 15 seconds to Harlem Shake by Baauer while everyone else ignores him. At the 15th second, there is a bass drop in the song and rest of the people in the video join in and start dancing. This was sure one popular meme! Here’s the Norwegian army’s Harlem Shake video.



PPAP- Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen by PikoTaro was so popular that it gained 95 million views. This video from 2016 was made for fun by the comedian and it turned out to be one of the craziest viral videos of all times. The video doesn’t make much sense, but is sure extremely catchy!

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